Covid-19: when seniors pay to be vaccinated

Faced with the complexity of making an appointment, some of our seniors have decided to call on companies to be able to be vaccinated. This is the case of Geneviève Duhal. She explains : “I come here and there I have nothing to do. That’s just why, it would have been just a phone call somewhere, I might have done it, but you have to do everything by Internet now. Old people are being forgotten! “. After reimbursement from the mutual, the septuagenarian will have spent ten euros for this service.

While vaccination is free, the concept shocks associations. “This mercantile approach shocks us, because the people who are eligible for vaccination today are vulnerable people. Abusing these elderly people does not seem very ethical to me, while at the same time there are local authorities which take charge of helping people find appointments, helping them to get around, free of charge., denounces Catherine Simonin, of France Assos Santé.

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