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Covid-19: what does the reinforced health protocol implemented in schools consist of?

► What is the protocol in place?

♦ In the 19 departments affected by a regional reconfinement, since Monday March 30, a single case of Covid-19 in a classroom has resulted in its closure for a period of 7 days. All school levels are concerned, from kindergarten to high school.

In its health protocol, the Ministry of National Education recalls “The essential role” parents of students. If the child is positive for the virus, it is indeed up to the parents of the students to inform the school which will close the class. The positive pupils are then isolated for a minimum period of 10 days (from the date of the first symptoms for symptomatic cases; from the date of sampling for asymptomatic cases). And all the other students in the class are considered contact cases.

Once the class reopens, students will only be able to return to their establishment under certain conditions. For children over 6 years old, parents must certify on their honor “The performance of a test by the pupil and the negative result thereof”. Without this document, the child will not be able to return to his establishment for 14 days after the closure of his class.

In other departments, the class is automatically closed “As soon as three confirmed cases are identified”. With one exception, however: the closure of the class is announced if a student or a member of his household is carrying the South African or Brazilian variant.

► Are the courses delivered remotely?

In the event of a class closure, “The educational continuity system is maintained to maintain regular contact between the student and his teachers” from kindergarten to high school, provides the Ministry of National Education in its frequently asked questions.

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In order to avoid dropping out of school and to continue distance education as effectively as possible, a set of tools has been put in place, such as the CNED’s “My class at home” system, digital work spaces (ENT). or the materials produced in conjunction with France Télévisions as part of the “learning nation” operation (Lumni course).

► Can parents take time off work?

A device is already in place, explains the Ministry of Education. Employees in the private sector who have to stop working to look after their children can benefit from the partial activity. The self-employed, liberal or health professions, or even contractors under public law, are entitled to daily sickness benefits without waiting period.

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Certain conditions apply:

• The child must be under 16 years old

• Both parents must be unable to telework

• The device can only be applied to one parent

Information confirmed on Tuesday, March 30 on Europe 1, the Minister of Labor Élisabeth Borne. “If the class of your child under 16 is closed and you cannot telecommute, you can ask your employer to benefit from partial activity. Your salary is covered at 84%, you have a remainder of the business of 25% ”, specified the minister.


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