Covid-19: “We could not afford” another hard confinement


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Can France economically resist a new strict confinement? Economists Etienne Lefebvre and Christophe Ramaux discuss about franceinfo Tuesday March 30.

“Even if a hard confinement is decreed, in fact, it will not happen as in spring 2020. Companies are ready, there are masks, we learned to work face-to-face with the Covid-19, to work remotely. It won’t stop like a year ago and we couldn’t afford it“, estimates Etienne Lefebvre, editor-in-chief at Echoes.

The government has done nothing to ensure that the licenses ofvaccines are opened to speed up production”, Reproaches Christophe Ramaux. “In the United States, Joe Biden, a liberal at the base, puts 1,900 billion dollars on the table and announces 3,000 billion more. We are witnessing a metamorphosis and ona the nose in the handlebars. Us, it is a stimulus plan of 100 billion over two years “, emphasizes the economist.

The question is complicated on the schools. Closing them penalizes working couples and single-parent familiesnottales, disorganizes businesses. We took much too long to test. The key to the level of economic impact of confinement lies on primary schools “, judge Etienne Lefebvre.

“When we close schools, social inequalities widen, it’s appalling. Closing schools is the last resort“, adds Christophe Ramaux, member of the appalled Economists.

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