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Covid-19 vaccine: scientist’s big claim on Biontech-Pfizer vaccine, says-will end epidemic

Covid-19 vaccine: The scientist behind Pfizer and Biontech’s successful Kovid-19 vaccine claims that it will end the epidemic. German company chief executive billionaire Ugar Sahin said, “If the question is whether we can stop the corona virus epidemic with this vaccine, then my answer is yes.”

Biontech-Pfizer’s Kovid-19 vaccine will work?

But scientist and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from around the world has warned that the vaccine will not prove to be a panacea because it is still not guaranteed to succeed. However, the initial news of the test is like light in the darkness of the tunnel. But many questions still remain unanswered.

The question is whether this vaccine will affect the elderly. Most of the volunteers in the trial are believed to have been young and healthy. Sahin said that detailed data is expected to be provided in the next three weeks. They believed that the vaccine may be able to prevent disease, but the effect of the vaccine in preventing people from spreading the corona virus and infecting others is not known for a year.

Billionaire scientist told that epidemic can end

Biontech and Pfizer announced on Monday that their jointly developed vaccine proved to be effective in Phase III human trials. The vaccine was found to be 90 percent effective in preventing people from falling ill. Satisfaction of regulatory bodies with respect to vaccine safety means that vaccination of people can be started by Christmas. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Sahin said that he hopes the vaccine can provide protection for at least a year.

Sahin said, “Now we know that the vaccine can outperform the corona virus.” He further explained that before the results were provided, he did not believe if he would react strongly to the human immune system. Referring to the immune system, he said that the vaccine prevents Kovid-19 disease from reaching our other cells.

The 55-year-old Sahin and his 53-year-old wife have been welcomed as the ‘team of dreams’ behind the world’s hopes for the Kovid-19 vaccine. The couple founded the German company Biontech in 2018. In March, the company had tied up with Pfizer to rapidly develop the vaccine for the Kovid-19. In July, the third phase of human trials were started on more than 40 thousand participants.


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