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Covid-19 vaccine: Russia’s growing steps on vaccine manufacture, the first country to approve third vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine: Russia has approved the third Kovid-19 vaccine for domestic use. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced this on government television on Thursday. However, large-scale human trials of the Kovivac vaccine made by the Chumakov Center have not yet begun.

Russia approves third Kovid-19 vaccine

The Kovivac vaccine against the Corona virus has been created by the Chunakov Center. Earlier, Russia has already approved two vaccines including Sputnik-V vaccine. Western scientists had expressed concern over the approval they received before the results of human trials, but the vaccination campaign with both vaccines began in a big way after human trials were completed and successful results. The Sputnik-V vaccine was approved in August last year, while the final phase of human trials began in September.

The vaccine began to be vaccinated in December after the vaccine had secured 94.4 percent of the initial results. On 10 February, the Health Minister said that since December, the first dose of Sputnik-V vaccine has been given to more than two million Russian citizens. Let us tell you that Gamalaya National Research Center has developed Russia’s first Sputnik-V vaccine against the corona virus.

The Kovivac vaccine is made by the Chumakov Center

Vaccination of the second vaccine made by the Vector Institute in Novosibirsk is about to begin. The Prime Minister said, “Today Russia has become the first country to have three vaccines against Kovid-19 already.” During the official briefing in January, the Deputy Prime Minister said that two doses of Kovivac vaccine are given, leaving 14 days. It is transported and stored at a normal refrigerator temperature of 2-8 ° C.

According to the news, the vaccine has already been tested on 200 people between the ages of 18-60 for safety screening. According to the Clinical Trial Register, initial human trials began on September 21 last year and the test revealed no side-effects, including an increase in temperature. Second phase human trials were said to continue to detect the immune response to the immune vaccine against the corona virus.

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