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Covid-19 Vaccine: Iran begins human trials of indigenous vaccine, 56 Volunteers to be included in first phase

Covid-19 vaccine: Iran has started human trials by preparing indigenous vaccines against the corona virus. Dozens of Volunteers are to be dosed in the first phase of human trials. Shifa is a part of the government company that develops the vaccine. His vaccine is the first to reach human trials in the country on Tuesday.

Iran starts human trials of indigenous covid vaccine

According to the report, President Hassan Rouhani has said that Iran is cooperating with other countries to develop other vaccines and it is expected that human trials on Volunteer will begin in February. However, he did not provide much information. According to clinical trial manager Hamid Hussaini, the first phase of human trials will include 56 volunteers to take doses within two weeks. Volunteer will be given two doses of the vaccine at a difference of 14 days and then the results will be examined.

The first phase will include 56 volunteers within two weeks

The result of the test will be announced in a month after the second dose. In a program, three people took the first dose on Tuesday. The health minister of the country attended the event held at the hotel in Tehran. “I am glad that the scientific process was done correctly,” said Tayiba Mokhbar, the daughter of Barkat Pharmacal Group chairman who took the first dose. Iran has had to struggle to get out of the Corona virus outbreak. In the grip of Corona virus, 12 lakh people have been infected and about 55 thousand people lost their lives. Iranian officials expect the vaccine to hit the market by the end of spring in 2021.

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