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Covid-19 Vaccine: Immunization process begins in UK, first dose of vaccine given to a 90-year-old female patient

Corona virus has caused havoc in the world. However, now the corona virus (Kovid-19) is expected to be eliminated due to the vaccine. In this sequence, the process of giving corona vaccine in the world has also started. The process of giving Corona vaccine to people in the UK has officially started. In the meantime, a 90-year-old woman from Northern Ireland has become the first person in the world to apply the Pfizer / Bioentech Kovid vaccine at the start of the UK’s mass vaccination program.

Northern Ireland’s 90-year-old woman Margaret Keenan has been given the first corona virus vaccine in the world on a non-trial basis. Margaret Keenan of Eniskillen has said that she felt privileged while receiving the corona virus vaccine at the University Hospital in Coventry. In fact, in the UK, more than 80 years of age, plus some health and care workers will be vaccinated. Its purpose is to make everyone’s life normal again.

After taking the world’s first corona vaccine, Keenan said, “I feel privileged to have the first corona virus vaccine in the world.” This is the best birthday for me. Now I can look forward to spending time with my family and friends in the new year. I cannot thank the employees much, who have watched me very carefully.

Who will be given the vaccine?

Let us know that Britain became the first country in the world to start using the Pfizer vaccine after regulators approved the use of the Corona vaccine last week. At the same time, people and employees living in care homes in Britain will get vaccinated. After this, elderly and health workers above 80 years will be employed. Then the elderly above 75 years will be given the vaccine. After this, people above 70 years and then 65 years will get the vaccine. After this, those people of 18 to 65 years, who are more at risk, will be put under the vaccine. Then those people between 18 and 65 years in which the risk is slightly less, those people will get the vaccine.

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