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Covid-19 vaccination: Singapore will provide financial help to people affected by serious side-effects

Covid-19 vaccination: Singapore has taken an important decision to boost confidence in vaccination. The government will provide financial help to the people if there are serious side-effects related to the Kovid-19 vaccine. Let us tell you that till January 27, the first dose of Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine has been applied to more than 1 lakh 13 thousand people.

Singapore will provide financial help on side-effects of Kovid vaccine

The Health Ministry said in the statement that 50 people have been given the second dose of vaccine and they have followed the complete vaccination rules. Three cases of rapid onset of anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction were identified in the country, which were resolved by healthcare professionals. “Anaphylaxis is known but rare in side-effects from Pfizer-BioNotech’s COVID-19 vaccine,” said Kenneth Mack, director of medical services at the ministry.

He further explained that additional measures of caution such as screening before vaccination and observation after vaccination have been implemented in the country. According to the statement, 432 ‘adverse event reports’ have come out of those who have been vaccinated in the country till 27 January. The ministry said that these symptoms are usually reactions related to all vaccinations and usually resolve on their own within a few days.

Funds for the affected under the Financial Assistance Scheme

Under this, the people affected by vaccination at two levels will get support. Once in the first phase, financial assistance of 10 thousand Singapore dollars will be given to those who were hospitalized and in need of intensive care unit but later recovered from the side-effects due to the vaccine.

At the second level, the assistance of 2 lakh 25 thousand Singapore dollars will be given to those who have died or have suffered permanent severe disability as a result of vaccination. The Ministry emphasized that for those who have suffered severe side-effects after the Kovid-19 vaccination, health-related schemes are in place and can be availed for help.

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