Covid-19: the world of work will have to make efforts to limit the 5th wave

More teleworking, fewer meetings, no more mess in business: as announced by Jean Castex on Monday, December 6, new restrictions concern the world of work in the face of Covid-19.

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Finally, teleworking is back in service. While he has been in constant decline in recent months – especially in small businesses – the Prime Minister set the course, Monday, December 6: from two to three days of teleworking in all companies that can. In the public service, to set an example, it will be three days a week. This is currently a recommendation, said Jean Castex. If that does not work, added the Prime Minister, we could move on to an obligation. Nothing for the moment appears on telework in the health protocol that applies to companies, leaving all the room for negotiation in the field. This could therefore change in the coming days. Medef, in particular, has so far been opposed to a generalization of teleworking.

Another measure announced: there will be no jar at Christmas. No wishes, no corporate Christmas tree, no jar. “Until the end of the year, we stop, we protect ourselves”, asked the Prime Minister who announced that rules will be enacted for all professional circles. Here again, we are therefore awaiting a new version of the protocol applicable in companies. A text which, if it has no regulatory value, can be enforceable against companies which do not comply with it in court and whose application labor inspectors can verify.

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