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Covid-19: the working conditions of middle and high school directors have deteriorated

If the daily life of directors of middle and high schools has deteriorated with the health crisis, it has nevertheless brought a “Greater freedom to innovate”, indicates a study published Friday, December 3.

According to this study, carried out among 4,340 people (33% of the workforce) and carried out by researcher Georges Fotinos and psychiatrist José Mario Horenstein for the main union of heads of establishments (SNPDEN), nine heads of establishments on ten respondents believe that working conditions are deteriorating sharply.

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Nearly eight out of ten also point to a fall in confidence in national education. This is explained in particular by the different health protocols and their regular changes. “The results are fairly clear, the impact of the health crisis is clear”, said Bruno Bobkiewicz, Secretary General of SNPDEN.

“A real electroshock”

“The crisis has severely degraded school results and almost generalized school dropout (reported by eight out of ten management staff), explained researcher Georges Fotinos. Contrary to certain expectations, the relations of the pupils with the teachers, and to a lesser extent with the education personnel, have deteriorated. Finally, an unexpected phenomenon, violence between students and to a lesser extent towards adults has increased. “

According to this study, the Covid-19 also had a negative impact on the articulation between private and professional life, according to seven in ten principals and principals. There is a loss of interest and sense of the daily mission of school principals. The survey also shows that these resentments are far from being one-off. In ten years, the school climate has darkened a lot. They are two times less to qualify it as good or excellent today, compared to 2010.

Georges Fotinos also highlighted the positive points. “Greater freedom to innovate is welcomed by eight out of ten professionals as well as the change in certain ways of working thanks to this collective experience”. “This is a real shock, we have to bounce back on this motivation and open the floodgates, suggest and provide the necessary financial resources and personnel”, wished the researcher.


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