Covid-19: the return from school to home


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Tuesday April 6, it’s back home from school for a week before spring break. How are families organized? Testimonials.

Marie, 11, prefers to work in front of her mother rather than alone in her room and she often goes to ask her mother, who works at the same time. A difficult situation for Sonia to manage Grandais, communications officer : “Teleworking isis good, home schooling why not, but both at the same time is very complicated ”.

A complicated organization also for somes parents, whose activity does not allow to telecommute. In this case, the recourse to partial unemployment is possible, whatever the sector of activity, but only one of the two parents can obtain it. For children from kindergarten to CM2, the return to school is scheduled for April 26. We will have to wait a week de more for middle school through high school students. The return to class is scheduled for 3 may.

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