Covid 19: the release of the film Rumba the life of Franck Dubosc postponed to August 24, 2022

The rebound of the epidemic and the possibility of seeing theaters shut down prompted Gaumont to postpone the release of the comedy. The production company also announced the postponement of the film. I love what you do, with Gérard Darmon.

Here we go again. Faced with the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic, uncertainty in the cultural world seems to resurface. Gaumont announced in a concise statement the postponement of the film’s release Rumba life, written and directed by Franck Dubosc who also plays the main character. The feature film will not arrive in cinemas on January 19 as planned, but on August 24, 2022. The screening of the film at Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival, scheduled for the end of January, is for the moment maintained.

If the production company has not given the reasons for its decision, the comedian confirmed Thursday on Twitter that it was due to the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic: “The health context is too heavy and the film too important to sacrifice it. We don’t know what will happen at the end of August. ”

In this dramatic comedy, Franck Dubosc plays Tony, a lonely fifty-something bus driver. After a heart attack, he decides to reconnect with his abandoned daughter years earlier. He then enrolled in the dance class given by the latter, and discovered a new vocation.

Disrupted filming

Franck Dubosc shares the poster with Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Catherine Jacob, but also Michel Houellebecq. This is the second film directed by the comedian, after Everyone standing in 2018, which had mixed success in theaters, despite a good critical reception.

Until the end, the creation of the feature film will have been disrupted by the epidemic. When Franck Dubosc began his first scouting in February 2020, he was cut off in his tracks by the confinement pronounced a few weeks later. Filming is then postponed to September 2020. The release date is first announced to December 15, 2021, then postponed to January 19. We will now have to wait until next summer to see this comedy.

Gaumont also announced the postponement of the film’s release. I love what you do by Philippe Guillard, who stars Gérard Lanvin in his own role. Initially scheduled for March 30, the release is postponed to May 18.


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