Covid-19: “The model of Asian countries has worked”, according to Arnaud Vaissié, CEO of the International SOS group

Arnaud Vaissié, CEO of the International SOS group, was the eco guest of franceinfo on Friday, May 7, 2021. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

How to definitively defeat the Covid-19 epidemic? Each country is looking for its way. For Arnaud Vaissié, CEO of the International SOS group, world leader in medical assistance to companies, “the model of Asian countries worked”.

Arnaud Vaissié, whose group is present in 90 countries, distinguishes two zones: “An Asia-Pacific zone which wants ‘zero Covid’ and which remains closed to international travel to manage it. We see, for example, the Japanese who are now re-defining themselves with their new wave, while there are very few case. But they consider that any case is unacceptable. And then there are the Western countries which, them, decided that they could live with an epidemic at an acceptable level of cases. “

Asian countries have shown us that they have been able to contain the epidemic. Economically and humanly, their results are good.

Arnaud Vaissié, CEO of the International Sos group

on franceinfo

In Asia, India is obviously an exception. “It’s very complicated, explains Arnaud Vaissié, whose group is present on site. All workers in India have someone who has been affected in their family, and very often directly. There is a very strong tension. That said, although cases are on the rise right now, the situation is less chaotic today than it was a week or two ago. “

How to get out of the epidemic? With vaccination, of course, according to Arnaud Vaissié. “With her, the return to normal is looming, he judges. It is our role, we, International SOS, to help companies find this access to vaccines. The whole planet will have to be vaccinated for the epidemic to begin to be controlled. “ But according to him, vaccination must go hand in hand with a system of tests, “which is much better developed today than a few months ago”. He therefore pleads, alongside vaccination, for “very systematic test campaigns”.

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