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Covid-19: the health protocol relaxed at school

The health protocol was updated in schools just a few days after the start of the school year. Students will no longer have to carry out a complete new screening route if a new positive case appears in their class within less than seven days.

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Before this new protocol put in place by the Ministry of National Education, Thursday, January 6, if a positive Covid-19 case was detected in a class, all students had to take three tests in four days. The first negative test allowed them to come back to class. Then when the family takes the first test, they must receive two free self-tests at the pharmacy, so that the students can test themselves again at home on D + 2 and D + 4.

What changes for students

From now on, if a student in the class received on presentation of a negative test declares himself positive (for example following a self-test carried out on D + 2 or D + 4), it is no longer necessary to immediately restart a cycle of screening for other students in the class or contacts at risk.

“The screening cycle only restarts if the second confirmed case has had contact with the other students after a period of seven days following the identification of the first case”, specifies the protocol. “If a child is contaminated for the first time, that starts a cycle over the week, (but) we do not start a cycle again with a contact case”, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, commented on CNews on Friday.

This protocol was “extremely difficult”

The Minister acknowledged that this protocol was “Extremely difficult” to live for families. “But what else is there to do?” “, he asked, judging that “Close schools”, as some demanded, would have been ” easier “, but that it was not the government’s choice. He also recognized that “Here and there, there may be pharmacies out of stock of self-tests”, but that “Normally they are re-supplied”.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, “About 8%” teachers are currently absent from schools, hard hit by the Covid-19 epidemic. But the peak of absences “Should not normally exceed 15%”, assured the minister on Wednesday, while the start of the school year has been under tension since Monday.


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