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Covid-19: the end of the mandatory mask in classes

As announced by the government in mid-February, the mask will now be the exception in schools. Updated by the ministry on the evening of Thursday March 10, the health protocol provides that it will no longer be compulsory in class from Monday March 14. It was already no longer rigorous in the playgrounds since the return from the winter holidays. Pupils and teachers who wish to do so can nevertheless continue to wear it.

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All establishments return to level 1 (out of 4). This also translates into the possibility of practicing physical and sporting activities again, including contact sports, indoors, and the end of the mandatory limitation of mixing between groups of students.

Pupils with disabilities received in localized units for inclusive education (Ulis) will again be able to spend part of the time in ordinary classes, an organization which had been suspended in order to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

Maintaining a few rules of caution

In general, however, it is recommended, “initially and as far as possible, to limit excessive mixing between groups-classes and levels, especially during recreation and restoration times”.

Similarly, wearing a mask remains compulsory on school transport for children over 6 years old. “In accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, wearing a mask indoors is strongly recommended, from the age of 6, for contact persons at risk during the seven days after the occurrence of the confirmed case, as well as for cases confirmed during the seven days following their period of isolation”says the ministry.

The number of contaminations is on the rise again

“From middle school, the return to class of pupils who are contacts at risk with an incomplete vaccination schedule or who have not been vaccinated having completed seven days of quarantine can only be done after obtaining a negative antigen or PCR test result carried out at the end of the course. of this period, he continues.

It must be said that the epidemic has not said its last word. According to Public Health France, the weekly average of contaminations, on Thursday March 10, stood at around 58,000 cases, against 50,000 a week earlier.


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