Covid-19: the economic cost of aid


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Can France economically resist a new strict confinement? Will the same aid be maintained?

Restaurants, gyms, cinemas… from many companies survive thanks to state aid. The solidarity fund, the most used device since the start of the sanitation crisisre, is maintained : 11.8 billion euross were paid in 2020. In order to preserve employment, partial unemployment is also extended for March. Cost for the State: 27.1 billion euros. The loan guaranteed by the State is extended until June 30. 129 billion euros were released by the banks.

Companies can also benefit from deferred payment of energy bills, rents, postponement or exemption ofs social contributions, and finally aid for the hiring of young people under the age of 26. From of Wednesday March 31 is a new aid on fixed costs. A device estimated at 300 million euros per month to cover the costs of closed businesses such as zoos, spas or leisure parks.

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