Covid-19: the corporate health pass will not appear in the bill



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After discussions, the corporate health pass will not be in the bill. Valérie Astruc, live from Matignon, returns to the abandonment of this idea in the 19/20 of France 3, Tuesday, December 21.

The news fell on Tuesday, December 21: the corporate health pass will not be part of the bill. “It is no longer the priority”, advance Valérie Astruc, live from Matignon for France 3. The journalist explains that the hostility of unions and employers got the better of this idea and led the government to delay the project. “This measure is a real gas factory, in short, the government doubts its feasibility“, she specifies.

“But the generalization of the health pass could be reintroduced by way of amendment by the deputies of the majority in the next bill examined in early January”, points out Valérie Astruc. The executive is considering, in particular, extending the health pass to certain professional sectors. Today, it is required of personnel who work in contact with the public, such as bars and restaurants.

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