Covid-19: “The best help that we can be given is to open up”, estimates the general delegate of Procos, federation for the promotion of specialized trade

Emmanuel Le Roch, general delegate of Procos, Federation for the promotion of specialized trade, April 22, 2021 on franceinfo (CAPTURE D’ECRAN / FRANCEINFO)

Emmanuel Le Roch, general delegate of Procos, Federation for the promotion of specialized trade is the eco guest of franceinfo on Thursday April 22, while some stores, located in large shopping centers, have been closed for almost three months. He is one of the signatories of a forum published Thursday April 22 in Le Parisien (paid item), in which the main trade federations, retail chains and some 150 bosses are calling on the government to reopen all stores without exception by May 10 at the latest.

“We have a lot of stores that have been closed since February, so for three months already. It’s longer than last year during the first confinement”, remember Emmanuel Le Roch.

“The past year has been extremely tough for a number of non-food industries. In the first quarter of this year, we had on average 30% less turnover in our businesses.”

Emmanuel Le Roch


“Today, 150,000 stores are closed and in danger if we do not find a way to reopen. 800,000 employees are on short-time work and worried about the fragility of their network”, he specifies.

Why ask for a reopening of all stores on May 10? This date “is linked to the analysis we have of the importance of the month of May”, explains Emmanuel Le Roch. “There is Mother’s Day at the beginning of June, which is very important for certain sectors of activity such as perfumery or jewelry but, more generally, for clothing, he continues. It is very important that we can quickly clear summer products. And any more week is a wasted week. ”

The government announces the extension of the system of loans guaranteed by the State until the end of the year when it was to end on June 30 next. A “positive measure”, believes the general delegate of Procos. “We see the government’s awareness that aid will not stop tomorrow morning (…). The best help we can be given is to open up”.

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