Covid-19: State aid, a necessity to help small bosses during the crisis

The year 2020 may have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic, many French companies have managed to stay afloat thanks to state aid. Defaults are even down 36.1%. A dog trainer, Michael Magen, managed to partially cope. Two years ago, this math teacher wanted to change his life and thus bought a room for his new activity. The confinements upset the latter, which had to be closed for three months.

It’s catastrophic, it clearly calls into question our sustainability“, he explains to the teams of France 2, Wednesday, January 13. In addition, he must face a list of monthly charges.”We pay 17,300 euros in rent per month, we pay 1,150 euros in repayment of our bank loan“, he adds. Fortunately, he benefited from a state guaranteed loan for an amount of 26,400 euros and a loan from the region of 16,000 euros. However, these sums are not enough to cover the 70,000 euros in losses since last March For him, like many others, the future remains very uncertain.

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