Covid-19 separates a male physician from his pregnant wife

Hai DuongEvery time he looked at the children of Lai Cach primary school in isolation at the Medical Center of Cam Giang district, doctor Khanh remembered the saying when he broke up with his wife “You are gone, who brought me to the hospital to give birth?”.

The wife of physician Luu Van Khanh is more than 8 months pregnant. She stayed at home to take care of her oldest son and her parents-in-law. And Mr. Khanh, 32 years old, is an employee of the Medical Center of Cam Giang district, Hai Duong, who works in an isolated area at Lai Cach Primary School. His duties are to monitor the health and be in charge of health care for more than 100 isolated people, including 62 students, 41 parents, and 7 teachers at Lai Cach Primary School.

Looking at the children who have to be away from home for medical isolation, Khanh shared that he remembers his family. On the evening of February 1, he accepted an urgent mission, just returned home to get some clothes, told his wife, and then left immediately. His wife’s words slowed him down: “I’m gone, who took me to give birth?”. Every time he thought about that sentence, Khanh felt a lot of pain.

“More than 8 months when my wife is pregnant, I have to go to the anti-epidemic work 3 times. A man who goes away when his wife needs him the most, is most vulnerable,” he said. “But having chosen to take the medical profession is to accept the hardship. We are determined to overcome personal difficulties.”

Before leaving, he agreed with his wife to name the newborn baby Dai An. According to him, Dai An means “great peace”, is his greatest desire at this time.

“If you go into the heart of translation, stand in the middle of the war, you will absorb the true value of peace. Later, every time you call you, you will appreciate the peace after the war against Covid-19” I said.

Doctor Khanh (right) and colleagues at the quarantine area of ​​Lai Cach Primary School, Hai Duong. Image: Ministry of Health.

His shift starts early in the morning and ends every late night, with almost no time to rest. Health monitoring, to ensure the spacing must be complete, clear, urgent and serious. Closed protective clothing makes the body wet, the face sweating.

He expressed that he was used to the annoyance and inconvenience of the protector. “We have never seen such a sacred and valuable medical profession. If we have to wear another protective suit and fight against Covid-19 successfully, we are still ready,” said Dr. Khanh.

He said that the most loving thing is the students whose parents work far away and cannot be separated with them. “The children cry in a corner, I am a man, but I can’t help it. They are also warriors of this war.”

Lai Cach students called doctor Khanh a “super uncle” because everything like playing and activities was taken care of by him. Sister Nguyen Thuy An, 35 years old, a parent of class 4D, Lai Cach Primary School, said that it has passed 4 days of isolation, but the medical staff has not yet known to take care of everyone’s health.

“I have a few children at home to manage, but here, Khanh alone has to take care of hundreds of people, it is really hard,” she said. According to Ms. An, the people of Lai Cach were very touched and grateful to Khanh, they just wanted to stop translating to meet, shake hands, look at their faces, and say thank you.

11 years as a medical professional, this is the first time that Khanh has participated in the fight against a pandemic with a high level of spread. But he was not afraid: “If I was chosen again, I would still volunteer to join the ranks of the white blouse to participate in the anti-epidemic”.

Before entering the new work shift, he often whispered: “My wife, you can rest assured to have a baby, parents will replace me with you. I promise you will return peacefully with you and 2 children. Wait for your father! “

Doctor Khanh with his wife and eldest son.  Photo: Character provided.

Doctor Khanh with his wife and eldest son, on weekdays. Image: Characters provided.

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