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Covid-19: self-test, wearing a mask outside… The new health protocol at school unveiled

The Ministry of National Education unveiled the new health protocol on Friday February 11, which will apply from February 21, the date of the start of the school year in zone B. The protocol will go from level 3 to level 2 in the first degree for the entire metropolitan territory.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of Education, reduces the number of self-tests to be carried out, when a student is declared a contact case, to one. From February 28, this test will be carried out two days after being declared a contact case. This should simplify the organization of the parents since until now, a pupil had to present the negative result of a self-test to return to class on D + 0, then on D + 2 and on D + 4. In addition, the presentation a sworn statement from the pupils’ legal guardians attesting to the carrying out of the tests will no longer be required.

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Another measure that should relieve parents: the end of “non-mixing of classes”, which will allow, if a teacher is sick, to distribute his students to other classes rather than sending them home.

Return to indoor sports activities

Indoor sports activities, banned last December due to the spread of the Omicron variant, will also make a comeback. Finally, wearing a mask will no longer be compulsory outside.

By announcing the protocol ten days before the date of its implementation, the government’s objective was not to repeat what had been done at the start of the Christmas holidays, when the new protocol had been communicated through the press the watch only.

“We are getting ahead of the start of the school year, in accordance with the wishes of the President of the Republic”, spokesman Gabriel Attal had thus declared at the end of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday February 9.

These measures were announced when 5,907 classes are closed in France this Friday, or 2% of the total. A very sharp drop compared to the 16,836 classes closed a week ago.


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