Covid-19 relief: Investment stimulates public investment

Enterprises participating in Covid-19 relief under the supervision of the government have contributed to stimulating the locality to pay more attention to the disadvantaged groups who have not yet enjoyed the policy.

On the afternoon of August 18, a line of about a few dozen people in alley 162 Phan Dang Luu (Phu Nhuan) stood in line waiting to receive the package of necessities given by businesses in the information and communication industry. People queuing up with students, workers, boarding people, lonely elderly people…

Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Han, an assistant at the market who had to stay at home due to the closure of the market, received a gift package and thanked me. On normal days, she has to work alone to support her grandmother and children, life is hard. When the epidemic hit, it was even more difficult for the whole family. That day was the first time she received a gift from a sponsor.

People receive support gifts from the program “The heart of the epidemic season, sharing love. (Photo: Hai Dang)

The support package worth 160 billion VND of the Information and Communications (TT & TT) industry has just ended, bringing 533 thousand bags of essential food to people who have difficulty but have not yet received the support policy of Ho Chi Minh City. . The program “The heart of the epidemic season, sharing love” was intended to last for nearly a month, but due to the urgent need of the people, the Ministry of Information and Communications quickly distributed more than half a million gifts within a week.

This program was implemented on September 17, exactly one day after the telegram of the Prime Minister requesting that “no one should not be deprived of food or clothing… There should be practical support policies in money and food. , food … so that people can feel secure to stay in place, comply with epidemic prevention regulations”.

This program is provided by businesses that contribute food, and by businesses themselves. Some businesses participating in the program, such as VN Post, said their staff stayed up all night, aggressively sourcing and packing in the context of scarce goods and unfavorable traffic, in order to respond promptly. the needs of the people and the progress of the program. As a result, half a million gifts were delivered to people in need within a week.

The timely, large-scale participation of businesses like the above can help managers rethink the relief work: There are still many disadvantaged people who have not yet received the policy. This contributes to stimulating the government to pay more attention to disadvantaged groups who are not yet eligible for support. The rapid deployment from businesses is also a model for the locality to quickly remove procedures, in order to quickly save people in need.

Through the Fatherland Front in each area, the support package of information and telecommunications businesses is aimed at those who have not received support from the city. They are self-employed, street vendors, garbage collectors, loaders, transporters by tricycles, selling lottery tickets; seasonal workers at business establishments in the fields of catering, accommodation, tourism and a number of fields must temporarily suspend operations…

At the time 533 thousand gifts of the Ministry of Information and Communications were deployed, Ho Chi Minh City supported the poor, near-poor households, disadvantaged families, freelance workers… according to Resolution No. 09 of the City People’s Council with the package. support VND 886 billion and Resolution 68 of the Government with a support package of VND 26,000 billion. However, the number of people facing difficulties due to Covid-19 who have not been supported is still high.

For example, on August 18, 10,000 gift packages of the information and communication industry were allocated to Phu Nhuan District, however, Ms. Dang Thi Ly, Vice Chairman of the Fatherland Front Committee of Phu Nhuan District, said that she is campaigning for nearly double this number of gifts. enough to support people. This shows that the group of people facing difficulties due to the pandemic is very large. Faced with this fact, the city continues to have a policy to support people who are severely affected by Covid-19 but are not eligible for state relief.

HCM City adjusts two important policies in supporting people in need due to Covid-19

Since August, the city has implemented two important policies in supporting welfare. First, expand the beneficiaries of the relief packages. Second, mobilize the movement “taking care of the people for the people” movement.

Specifically, as of August 19, Ho Chi Minh City has carried out two rounds of support for people in difficulty in the city, with more than 1,000 billion VND from the budget and mobilization. In the second round of support, the functional forces went to each household, each inn directly giving money to the poor, regardless of whether they had a household registration or not in the city.

On August 25, the city issued Document 2876, an important decision to remove obstacles in the process of providing support to people facing difficulties due to the epidemic. In particular, the name of the phrase “poor working households” is adjusted to “working households in difficult circumstances due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic”.

From only targeting poor and near-poor households as before, the city has expanded its support to many other industries affected by Covid-19. For example, an ordinary worker who earns 5 – 6 million dong but now loses his job, or someone who opens a car repair shop due to the epidemic can no longer fix it, or someone who has an apartment for rent but no one rents it due to the epidemic, no Those who earn income are counted as laborers facing difficulties due to Covid-19.

According to this calculation, the city has 3-4 million people in difficulty due to the epidemic. Each household in this category will receive 1.5 million VND from the city budget, striving to complete the award before August 30. The city also prepared 2 million welfare packages worth 300,000 VND, those who received the welfare package will receive an additional 1.2 million VND; Those who have not received the security package will enjoy 1.5 million VND.

Covid-19 relief: Investment stimulates public investment

People in Ward 2, Phu Nhuan are waiting in line to receive aid. (Photo: Hai Dang)

In order to prepare resources to support the people and medical forces during the raging epidemic period, the city implemented the second important strategy in August. Specifically, on August 15, the city called for a lockdown. movement to promote the strength of the entire people to participate in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and launch a Center to receive and support essential goods to serve people in difficulty due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Phan Van Mai then called on the whole city to clasp hands, join forces, and unite to overcome all difficulties to fight and win the fight against the epidemic. Covid-19. At the same time, the Deputy Secretary launched the movement “taking care of the people with the people’s strength”, demonstrating the spirit of mutual affection among the people.

The established center will receive financial aid from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals, and coordinate to grasp the difficulties and needs of support of the poor, disadvantaged and affected people. due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic; ensuring that the disadvantaged people are provided with goods in a timely manner, helping to stabilize their lives while the city strictly implements the regulations on social distancing to prevent and control the epidemic.

At the establishment event, the center received money and essential gifts from businesses with a total value of nearly 200 billion VND.

The above two important adjustments help the city get more resources from the people, not forgetting the disadvantaged people; continue to implement people’s safety, not to let anyone go hungry in the context of the prolonged distance order in the near future.


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When the government promptly answers people’s questions during the Covid-19 epidemic season

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