Covid-19: postponements of social contributions will last “as long as necessary”, announces Yann-Gaël Amghar from Urssaf

Yann-Gaël Amghar, director of Acoss, the Caisse nationale des Urssaf, eco guest of franceinfo, Thursday January 28, 2021. (FRANCEINFO)

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Urssafs have offered companies in difficulty to postpone the payment of their social contributions. They will continue to do so, announcement, on franceinfo, Thursday, January 28, Yann-Gaël Amghar, the director of Acoss, the Caisse nationale des Urssaf.

“Today, employers in difficulty can continue to postpone their contribution deadlines”, he explains: “We will do it as much as necessary. It is our role not to add the crisis to the crisis. And we have the means to do it. We, the Urssaf, we are an economic and social shock absorber “.

Yann-Gaël Amghar affirms that the Urssafs will also support employers and the self-employed “at the end of the crisis “.”We are not going to ask them to settle this debt immediately. We will offer them individualized and negotiated reimbursement plans. The duration to repay will be all the longer as the debt is important, up to 36 months “. The director of Accoss also recalls that in certain cases outright cancellations of contributions are also provided for.

According to Yann-Gaël Amghar, companies as a whole are more resistant to the crisis than at the time of the first confinement last year. At the time, 46% of businesses had deferred payment of their contributions. Today, “we are rather on 16% of companies: mainly sectors very affected, such as catering, culture, tourism, events “, according to the boss of Urssaf.

This resistance is visible in the wages paid: “In April, the mass of wages paid had fallen by 20% suddenly. In January, we have a decrease of 2% compared to last year “, explains Yann-Gaël Amghar.

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