Covid-19 patient overcame the ‘storm’ of vision

Hien is one of the first Covid-19 patients in Vietnam, having received criticism from all sides, accused of being a miserable criminal.

She is a member of the Vinh Phuc workers group, returned from Wuhan on January 17, unaware that she was infected with CoV. After she was put in quarantine, her father, mother, sister and two relatives were consecutively positive due to infection from Hien. On the Internet, in the village, she was scolded for being unconscious, subjective, as a “criminal” that caused the community to spread. The girl’s name, age, and hometown became the topic of discussion and criticism everywhere.

Hoang, 43, an employee of a transport company in Hanoi, contracted Covid-19 after his last trip to Da Nang last July, was hospitalized on August 4. He and his relatives were criticized and scolded heavily by public opinion like “unconscious thing”, “lack of thought”. Many people insulted on Hoang’s personal page, scolding dozens of calls.

Many Covid-19 patients, faced with criticism when the epidemic spread, quietly relied on relatives and doctors, thinking about their families to overcome the challenge, when recovering from the illness, trying to get back to work. daily and seek to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

“At that time, I only knew to share with my family to overcome,” said Hien, a girl from Wuhan. During the days of treatment at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Hien kept in constant contact with relatives in her hometown, visiting and keeping her spirit from panicking.

In mid-February, Hien was discharged from the hospital. She is more cautious about social networks, does not dare to listen to strange phone calls, is afraid to contact people in the village for fear of continuing to be criticized. But what she was worried about did not happen. All of her friends and relatives who had been infected with her have been cured, no one blamed, discriminated against or scolded Hien.

From here, the girl calms down, resuming plans delayed due to the epidemic.

To Hoang, Covid-19 was the biggest shock in his life, causing him to collapse, losing food and sleep. This situation lasted for more than 20 days and was only overcome when he was determined to get rid of all the pressure, without negative thoughts. After being announced by the hospital from Covid-19, Hoang left the hospital, isolated at home alone, and his wife and children temporarily resided elsewhere to avoid being affected if they re-positive.

“For two months I was alone in a 10-square-meter room, not allowed to go out, and then continued for nearly a month of isolation, so I was absorbed in hardship to measure people’s hearts. I think about family. family, and then the motivator has to try, “he said.

But the challenge is not over. Out of isolation, Hoang tried to revive his couple’s business at the medical equipment store. Trading has become very difficult, people are hesitant to do business with someone whose family has Covid-19, he said.

The man only wishes for a stable epidemic and that those with Covid-19 will be more tolerated by the community. “I think if anyone still has malicious words, it is because they have been affected, can be sympathetic. The most important thing is to continue living well,” he said.

There are patients, though declared completely cured, still facing the cold from those around them. Phuong, 34, in Hanoi, was fiercely murdered by the online community for assuming falsehoods to escape isolation. Some of her colleagues showed shyness and even annoyance when she returned to work. Every time she comes to the office, she has to wear two masks and regularly disinfect, avoid discrimination.

Phuong is not pessimistic, she thinks that the negative attitudes are only of the minority. She also does not explain, but chooses to face this challenge with a different attitude. Phương registers to participate in plasma donation to save serious Covid-19 patients.

“I want to express my gratitude to the doctors, doctors and the government for taking care of and helping me in my most panic,” Phuong said, adding that she did not care about the stigma of some people.

Reflecting on what has passed, Hien says now she feels calm.

“I no longer care about who cursed me. When the epidemic was new, people were concerned and blamed like that. I sympathized more with people with Covid-19 later”, 27-year-old girl confided.

Hien also registered to donate plasma, hoping to help people who were in the same plight as her before.

* Character names have been changed.



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