Covid-19 patient had a heart attack

Ho Chi Minh CityA 72-year-old man, being treated for lung damage due to Covid-19 on the 4th day, suddenly had an acute myocardial infarction.

Doctor Le Duy Lac, Deputy Head of Resuscitation Department, Thu Duc Covid-19 Hospital (located at Thu Duc City Hospital), on August 20 said that the patient was previously treated for Covid-19 at Binh Tan District Hospital. .

On August 18 (the fourth day of Covid-19 infection), the patient had severe chest pain, slow heart rate to 45 times/minute (average 60-100 beats/minute), blood pressure dropped to 80/50, ECG (electrocardiogram), blood test to diagnose acute myocardial infarction. After inter-hospital consultation, the man was transferred to Thu Duc Covid-19 Hospital.

At this time, the patient had respiratory failure, the blood oxygen level (SpO2) was 85%, had to breathe oxygen and use vasopressors to keep the heart rate and blood pressure from falling further. The patient was immediately taken to the DSA (background digital angiogram) intervention room to place a pacemaker and stabilize the heart rate. Coronary angiogram identified the man with complete occlusion of the right coronary artery.

Cardiovascular intervention team drew out a lot of blood clot in the coronary artery and placed a stent to completely revascularize the patient. The emergency surgery was successful.

Cardiovascular intervention team performing emergency surgery for patients in the DSA room, August 18. Photo: Hospital provides

Currently, the patient has recovered heart rate, has no chest pain and does not need oxygen for breathing. In the future, patients will combine Covid-19 treatment and cardiovascular monitoring.

According to Dr. Lac, this is a very special case, the patient, who was already hypoxic due to lung damage, had an acute myocardial infarction, causing a drop in blood pressure and bradycardia. If the two hospitals do not coordinate and handle the situation quickly, the risk of patient death is very high. In addition, the process of coronary intervention for this patient needs to be carried out quickly, taking advantage of the golden time but still ensuring safety against infection and limiting the spread of Covid-19 to medical staff.

In mid-July 2021, Thu Duc City Hospital applied the “split-in” model, converting the function of a 7-storey building into a place to receive Covid-19 patients. The Covid-19 treatment area has its own, separate entrance, so it does not affect other medical examination and treatment activities. The hospital has a scale of 300 beds, treating F0s with serious and critical underlying diseases and comorbidities.

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