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Covid-19: partial activity for childcare, instructions for use

Good news for parents. In the event of contamination of a child with Covid or if the latter is designated as a contact case, the partial unemployment scheme for childcare will be in effect again at the start of the school year, announced the Ministry of Labor. Note that the device only concerns employees who cannot telework and that only one of the two parents can request it.

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The partial activity allowance paid by the employer remains set at 70% of the previous gross hourly remuneration, i.e. 84% of his net remuneration, within the limit of 4.5 times the minimum wage (€ 32.29 / hour) . Employees paid the minimum wage will receive 100% of their remuneration. The remainder to be paid by employers is nil.

Proof to present

To benefit from partial unemployment, the employee must give his employer a document attesting to the closure of the class or school. It can be an attestation or a general message provided by the establishment. If the child is a contact case, the employee will provide a health insurance document proving that the child must remain isolated.

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The employer, for his part, must keep these documents and present them in the event of an inspection. Finally, the employee concerned must give his employer a sworn certificate indicating that he is the only one of the two parents to request a work stoppage for childcare. As a reminder, only parents of children under 16 or disabled children without age limit are concerned.

Health protocol in schools

The Ministry of National Education has unveiled the health protocol which will apply from September 2. Several levels have been defined, ranging from 1 (green) to 4 (red), depending on the evolution of the health situation. For now, the start of the school year will be at level 2, which means that all lessons will be face-to-face.

Some instructions remain the same regardless of the level of the health protocol. For school students, the class will close from 1er case of Covid detected and education will switch to distancing. For middle and high school students, in a case of Covid, unvaccinated or unimmunized contact persons will have to follow the courses remotely for seven days. Completely vaccinated or immunized contact case students will continue with face-to-face lessons.


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