Covid-19: Omicron invites itself into business management

With the rapid progression of the variant, work stoppages are increasing and production lines are starting to be seriously affected.

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Are increasing quarantines and work stoppages becoming the new nightmare for business leaders large and small? The numbers are not good at all and the outlook is even worse. The Scientific Council, which is watching this very closely, is already forecasting hundreds of thousands of cases of sick leave linked to the resurgence of Covid at the start of the new year which is coming.

The list goes on: food distribution, security, energy, transport and health services. Some sectors fall under the purview of the public, others in the private sphere. Often, one works with the other, or thanks to the other, and vice versa. This makes the authorities fear a disorganization, not general, but significant enough to create additional tensions in an already fragile context.

Example in the construction industry (building and public works): Jean-Christophe Repond, president of Capeb (the Confederation of crafts and small construction companies) declared on Friday, December 24 on franceinfo that contact or positive cases caused loss of additional manpower and it became complicated to meet customer demand.

Around 8,000 flights have been canceled since Friday around the world, all airlines combined, not to mention the 11,000 delays recorded. This can be explained in particular by sick leave for flight personnel. For the past week, the number of pilots, hostesses and other staff members has increased in quarantine after being exposed to Covid-19.

The data available for the moment do not allow us to say more. On the rail side, SNCF speaks of marginal train cancellations and only on regional links but not on main lines.

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