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Covid-19: New figures revealed – the epidemic had the worst impact on the people of Indian community in Britain

London: Kovid-19 has had the worst effect on the mental health of the Indian community living in Britain. Among people with an Indian identity, sleep-related problems were more pronounced in the early stages of lockdown between 2019 and April. Only one thousand five Indian community people died in England. The official statistical study of the National Statistical Office (ONS) has revealed the status of people in the Indian community.

Kovid-19 affected mental health in Britain

The data released this week found that people from all communities faced sleep-related problems early in the lockdown in Britain. However, after classification by age, it was found that one third (36 per cent) of the people of the Indian community had a problem. In comparison, mental problems were seen in ‘white British’ (23 percent) and ‘other white’ (18 percent) people. The study also highlights the pre-existing conditions like diabetes and heart disease, economic-social factor.

Indian community most affected – Study

Glenn Everett, deputy director of the ‘Sustainability and Inequality Division’, said, “New research has shown us how the impact on different community groups has changed and how they experienced during the lockdown of people before the epidemic.” . ” They reported that Black African and other such households had little financial flexibility before the epidemic. This suggests that these groups may have faced financial problems during the lockdown. He said that it is no wonder that the mental health of most people has deteriorated but this matter is seen more in the Indian community.

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