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Covid-19 may affect fertility of men, sperm quality may also be damaged – claims in study

A new study on Kovid-19 patients has revealed that Kovid-19 can reduce sperm quality in men with damage and fertility. This viral disease, which kills about 22 people worldwide, can cause sperm cell death, inflammation and so-called oxidative stress. The report published in the journal Reproduction has been claimed by the researchers.

The study claimed that direct experimental evidence for the first time suggests that mail reproductive systems can cause damage to Kovid-19. However, other experts commenting on the research said that the virus’s ability to compromise fertility in males is unproven.

The study till now did not have any effect on fertility.
Kovid disease attacks the lungs, kidneys, intestines and heart. Earlier studies suggested that it can also infect male reproductive organs, inhibit sperm cell growth and inhibit reproductive hormones. Similar receptors used by the virus to reach lung tissue are also found in the testicles. But the effect of the virus on reproductive ability in males was not clear.

Study done on 84 people of corona infected
Behzad Malecki and Bakhtiar Tartibian of Justus Liebig University in Germany discovered biological markers that may indicate negative effects on fertility. Comparison of analysis conducted at 10-day intervals up to 60 days in 84 men infected with Kovid-19 105 The data was from healthy men. Sperm cells in Kovid-19 patients showed a significant increase in markers of inflammation and oxidative stress, a chemical imbalance that can damage DNA and proteins in the body.

Demand to declare high risk organ
Malecki said in a statement, “These effects on sperm cells are associated with lower sperm quality and lower fertility” “although these effects improved over time. Kovid remained significant and abnormally high in 19 patients. ” Maleki said, “The male reproductive system should be considered a sensitive root of Kovid-19 infection and should be declared a high-risk organ by the World Health Organization.”

Other experts said that more research is needed

At the same time, on the other hand, experts who were not involved in this study welcomed the research, but said that more research was needed before concluding soon. Alison Campbell, director of ambrology for the Care Fertility Group in Britain, said “men should not be unduly concerned.” He told the London-based Science Media Center, “Kovid-19 has no negative evidence of prolonged damage to sperm or male fertility”.

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