Covid-19: frustrated, restaurants no longer believe in a reopening on January 20

A reopening on January 20, places of culture, bars and restaurants wanted to believe it, but the measure seems more and more compromised, notes France 2, Monday January 4. In Lyon (Rhône), a restaurant is trying to keep its head above water. Half of the employees are on short-time work and the establishment is betting everything on take-out, to maintain a minimum of activity. “We are at 10, 15% of our usual turnover at this time of year“, testifies the manager, Fabrice Bonnot.

Each month, the restaurant receives 10,000 euros in state aid. This sum allows him to pay the fixed charges. For how long, however? “If the aid stops, how are we going to pay our rent? My landlord doesn’t want to know anything. And then maybe this rent that I pay him, he uses it to pay other charges“, believes Fabrice Bonnot. What is certain is that, in the profession, no one believes in a reopening at the end of January.

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