Covid-19 frontline hospital opens a community healthcare area

HanoiOn the morning of December 5, the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases opened the health care area, with 3 services of vaccination, treatment on demand, and epidemic prevention.

A community health care area near the hospital auxiliary gate at Kim Chung facility, Dong Anh. About 100 families brought their children to the examination, counseling and vaccination, this morning. This building is separate from the main building of the hospital, to ensure that people come for safe medical examination during the time when the hospital is against Covid-19 or to perform other duties assigned by the Ministry of Health.

Doctor Nguyen Trung Cap, deputy director of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said that the burden of disease in Vietnam, including infectious and non-communicable diseases, is increasing.

“If you put too much emphasis on anti-epidemic Covid-19 and subjectively to non-communicable diseases, the patient will be very disadvantaged. So we want to ensure the treatment of other non-epidemic diseases,” said Dr. Quy. .

Child vaccination at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases on December 5. Image: Chile.

It is expected that every day the health care area serves about 300 people, treating common diseases such as hepatitis B, liver damage caused by alcohol … The unit is both medical examination and treatment, vaccination and health examination. for foreigners, Covid-19 screening, nCoV test and negative confirmation.

“The Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases has the strength that the Covid-19 test is very accurate, proceeding to examine and test for other diseases such as yellow fever, according to the quarantine requirements of many countries”. know.

The National Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the highest level for medical examination, treatment and functional rehabilitation of infectious and tropical diseases nationwide. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the hospital acted as the front line for Covid-19 treatment in the northern region.



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