Covid-19: “Each additional hour of teleworking allows us to fight against the pandemic”, pleads Laurent Pietraszewski

If it is not legally mandatory, Emmanuel Macron asked that it be implemented systematically. The government will strengthen the controls of the Labor Inspectorate.

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Teleworking should become the rule wherever possible, the government insisted. “There is an interest in having a labor inspectorate which is on the ground. We have had nearly 30,000 checks since the start of the year and more than 59 formal notices”, said Friday April 2 on franceinfo Laurent Pietraszewski, Secretary of State to the Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration, in charge of pensions and health at work.

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“There are companies where we need to get back around the table to organize teleworking. This is why the government has put in place the obligation to carry out an action plan to develop teleworking because each additional hour of teleworking allows us to fight against the pandemic “, he added.

In his remarks on Wednesday evening, thehe President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron demanded that thee telecommuting or “systematized”. It is “undoubtedly the most effective measure ” to fight against the spread of the virus, hammered the head of state. For her part, the Minister of Labor Élisabeth Borne recalled that an employee in teleworking could request to be placed in partial activity if the care of his children was incompatible with his professional activity.

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