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Covid-19: Death of a man due to complication of infection every 17 seconds in Europe – WHO

The World Health Organization has said that one is dying of corona virus every 17 seconds in Europe. Recent figures have once again made Europe the epicenter of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Last week, new cases of death from 29 thousand Kovid-19 were registered in Europe. Experts say that the death toll increased by 18 percent. This means that every 17 seconds a person’s corona virus is taking life.

One death from Kovid-19 in Europe every 17 seconds

WHO’s European director Hans Legg said that Europe has 28 percent of the world’s infections. In the briefing on Thursday, he emphasized the importance of protective measures like cleanliness and social distancing. Despite the worrying news, there are some encouraging signs from the governments. The measures of the governments to stop the virus from spreading have started taking effect. Last week, the continent saw a decline in the number of weekly corona virus infections for the first time in three months.

The number of new weekly infections decreased by 10 percent to reach a total of 1. 8 million. The week before that the number was 2 million. This indicates that the strict lockdown implemented in many European countries including Britain, France and Germany has a positive effect. He said, “There is good news and bad news too.” He described the decline in infection cases as a small sign. He has attributed this to other measures including lockdown in most parts of Europe. But he cautioned the countries to lift the ban early. He said that small measures can disappear by taking measures fast like heat.

WHO said protective measures are effective

Dr. Legg emphasized that it is bright after dark and we should not underestimate the importance of social distancing, cleanliness and wearing masks. He told that if 95 percent of the population started using the mask then there would be no need for lockdown again. He said that primary schools should be kept open during the second wave. He did not consider closing schools as effective in preventing corona infection because children do not spread corona virus.

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