Covid-19: companies must do (even) more on teleworking

A man telecommuting in his room. Illustrative photo. (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

The latest figures produced by the Ministry of Labor, which is based on the study of 1,300 companies, show that only 66% of these companies had set up teleworking. A third who do not therefore. And of those who practice it, only two-thirds do so on all of their teleworking stations. There is therefore a long way to go, and certain sectors, such as banks, have been singled out by Elisabeth Borne. Jean Castex hammers it once more: it is necessary that all companies and administrations which can spend four days of effective teleworking per week.

Because a study proves the beneficial effects of teleworking on the spread of the virus. This Comcor study, conducted by the Institut Pasteur and the Health Insurance, establishes that teleworking reduces contamination cases by a quarter, and even by 30% in the case of total teleworking. This same study also proves that many employees go to work when they have symptoms: 43% of infected people say they were by colleagues who had symptoms of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister also announced a new protocol for company catering, since again according to this study by the Institut Pasteur, meals are the circumstances most often reported as being at the origin of these transmissions. The Minister of Labor is due to work early next week on new measures.

And yet, they are already strict. Business restaurants must respect a gauge of one person per eight square meters. No more objects that everyone can touch, such as salt and pepper shakers or water jugs. No more than four people at the table, and again, staggered. No more water fountains. Longer time slots, to accommodate fewer employees at the same time. It is also necessary to have the catering staff prepare the trays, with the cutlery and the bread. The new protocol that the Ministry of Labor and the social partners will have to prepare will have to be even more severe. There is little room for maneuver …

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