Covid-19 changed the perception of sex

New research conducted in China shows that due to the influence of Covid-19, sex plays a large role in maintaining couples relationships.

Researchers have long considered sex as the least influential factor in a relationship, but due to the influence of Covid-19, this is different.

According to new research by Chinese scientists, when a blockade is applied, sex gradually plays a larger role in improving couples’ relationship, at least for couples that are not stressed due to pandemic or busy caring for children.

The new study is based on information from nearly 300 couples, between the ages of 18 and 44, who are married or live in different parts of China. Image: SCMP.

Explaining this change, research team leader Professor Wang Peixi from Henan University in Kaifeng, China, said that due to the turmoil in the blockade, sexual satisfaction helps to connect. lovers.

“Having sex is satisfying creates positive emotions and behaviors in a partner,” he says.

Before the pandemic, sex had only a minor impact on male-female relationships, a common perception among researchers.

Previous studies have shown that sex is less important to many couples, compared to other factors such as finances, education level and age.

However, the importance of sex in keeping the love fire during the pandemic goes beyond age and finance. Quality and number of “love” accounts for 38% of couples’ satisfaction with their relationship – three times higher than social and demographic factors.

According to previous studies, women value demographic factors more than sex than men. However, Professor Wang said that this difference has disappeared during the pandemic.

The only thing that doesn’t change is that family remains the most important role for any couple. If a person does not fulfill the duties of a husband or wife or does not raise children well, the relationship is at risk of rupturing.

However, Chinese researchers say their findings may not be true everywhere, as each country has a different culture.

Professor Wang said: “Chinese people’s perception of sex is quite traditional. They are shy about talking about their sexual desires and many people do not dare to express and share with their partners when facing problems. deals related to sex “.

“Over time, these problems build up, reducing the pleasure and intimacy of couples,” he added.

The pandemic also has other effects on sex life. An Italian study suggests that the pandemic has negative effects on sexual activity. This is understandable because people are easily upset, stressed by an epidemic or have to spend all day at home with their children.

Many studies also have similar conclusions, showing that the number of nCoV infections increased, while the number of sexual intercourse decreased.

A Turkish study found that couples have sex only once a week, down from pre-pandemic. The same trend is found in Professor Wang’s survey. Half of people surveyed said they had less sex during the blockade period.

Mai Dung (According to the SCMP)


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