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Covid-19: at Saint-Charles school in Athis-Mons, when the director catches the virus

” Live my life ! » A big week ago, by way of news, Ronan Lessard sent us these few words by SMS, accompanied by a funny photo where we saw him, smiling, charlotte on his head, in the canteen. The director of the Saint-Charles school, in Athis-Mons (Essonne), was forced to act as substitutes to make up for the absences of many members of the team (up to 8 out of 38), serving the children in the refectory or supervising recess.

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” Live my life ! » The formula, from now on, is less desirable… Because Ronan Lessard has also been overtaken by fever, migraine, sore throat. Two self-tests, positive, and a pharmacy test, negative, left him perplexed. And in isolation, in his official accommodation, less than 100 meters from his office, in the huge school complex which welcomes 2,800 students, from kindergarten to bac + 3.

A dozen new cases every day

“With a Doliprane every six hours, it’s bearable”, assures the headteacher, who compares his symptoms to those of a big flu. “It happened to me to go to work in worse condition”, he recalls. But there is no question of taking the risk of further amplifying an epidemic which results every day in a dozen new cases among its primary school students. So here he is isolated for a minimum of five days.

This does not prevent Ronan Lessard from continuing to work remotely. Barely reduced dose. This morning, he went back to bed until 9:30 a.m., after checking his work emails around 8 a.m. But yesterday, he participated until 11:45 p.m. in the meeting of his Ogec, the management body of his establishment. And this afternoon, he will indeed be present, online, with his colleagues from secondary and higher education, for a new management committee for the whole school. In the meantime, he will again and again have to send messages to the parents of the classes plagued by the virus to remind them to submit their child to new self-tests on D + 2 and D + 4.

Mandatory mask wearing maintained

For the rest, Ronan Lessard relies on the solidarity of his team to have meal trays delivered to his door… It is this solidarity which, to a large extent, has so far enabled his school to hold good in the face of the Omicron wave, when many others were threatened by paralysis (4% of classes closed, as of January 26, according to the ministry).

“We managed to close only one kindergarten class for three days. The students were half positive. And since they didn’t have a baccalaureate to pass at the end of the year, we thought that everyone would be better off at home, with a few activities to do.”, he slips.

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“Every Friday, with my team, we count the weeks we have left until the winter holidays, which in our area start on February 19”sighs Ronan Lessard. The headteacher also wonders about the prospect, mentioned by the executive, of a possible relaxation of health rules after the winter holidays. “It seems a little premature to me”, he believes. What is certain is that his school will maintain, whatever the national protocol, the wearing of the compulsory mask indoors and outdoors. Because Ronan Lessard is convinced: “This principle, adopted more than a year ago, has made it possible to limit damage. »


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