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Covid-19: at Saint-Charles school in Athis-Mons, the pressure is increasing

We had left Ronan Lessard at the end of the day on January 3. The head of the school Saint-Charles d’Athis-Mons (Essonne) was then both relieved and concerned. Relieved, because by mobilizing the school life staff, he had managed to internally replace the five absent teachers (out of 17) and to maintain an almost normal functioning on this Monday of resumption. Concerned, because the rapid diffusion of the Omicron variant, in particular in Île-de-France, heralded a complicated tomorrow.

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When we recall it, Thursday, January 6, Ronan Lessard responds bluntly: “The situation has become seriously tense”, he breathes. “One of the people who replaced a sick teacher was in turn positive”, he indicates. Warned on the evening of Wednesday, the head of the establishment immediately called the school’s sports teacher, who, in solidarity, agreed to take care of one of the CE2 classes full time, by sending ‘educational activities by the full professor.

Children who must be subjected to three tests

But how many students will he have in front of him? Impossible at this hour to say. Because in this same class, just like in one of the kindergarten classes, a new case of Covid has just been reported among the children. “So far, there have been six positive cases and ten contact cases, recalls Ronan Lessard. But none of the children concerned had returned to school after the holidays. There, the situation is very different, since these two students were present in the establishment at the beginning of the week. “

Also, in application of the new rules communicated on the eve of the resumption, Ronan Lessard wrote to the parents of the two classes so that they take their child to carry out an antigen test or PCR. If it is negative, the student can continue to attend school. But for this, the families will also have to submit it to two self-tests, one on D + 2, the other on D + 4, and certify on their honor that it has not, in the meantime, become positive. .

Learning to organize between class and home

“Not all will succeed in having their child tested at the end of the day”, anticipates Ronan Lessard. The return to class of negative pupils is therefore likely to take place in several stages. Not to mention those who may have contracted the virus. “In the absence of real distance lessons, the teacher not having the gift of ubiquity, it will be necessary to address activities to students forced to stay at home. Activities that will be carried out in parallel by those who have been able to come to class ”, he predicts.

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There is no longer any question of automatically closing the class based on three positive cases, which was the rule before the Christmas holidays. “The decision rests with the departmental Covid cell led by the rectorate”, specifies Ronan Lessard, who is wondering if he will manage to achieve the goal he set himself on the eve of the resumption: “Keep all classes open for at least a week. “

The number of closed classes exploded this week to 9,202, the highest level since spring 2021, the national education ministry announced on Thursday.

This is more than three times higher than the previous figure, dating from December 16, before the Christmas holidays, which was 2,970 closed classes. Last April, before the schools were closed for several weeks, the number of closed classes had risen to more than 11,000 (11,272 classes on April 2). It then dropped back to 5,110 at the end of May.


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