Covid-19: a slaughterhouse offers 200 euros to its vaccinated employees


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In a slaughterhouse in Lamballe (Côtes-d’Armor), employees being vaccinated against Covid-19 will receive 200 euros. A controversial decision.

It is a reward that arouses controversy. In a slaughterhouse located in Lamballe in the Côtes-d’Armor, the employer intends to offer 200 euros to certain employees in particular: those who are vaccinated against Covid-19. “If you are not necessarily attracted to the fact of being vaccinated, that can be another motivation”, says an employee.

It is the first cooperative to pay this premium in France. It will affect nearly 3,000 employees and temporary workers. To obtain it, they will have to prove a complete vaccination. However, in a note sent to employers on June 30, the Ministry of Labor specified that a company “cannot require his employee to inform him of his vaccination status, nor collect staff health data”. This could also create a concern for inequality between employees. Contacted, the management and the unions refuse to comment on the situation but ensure that the policy is part of a national prevention approach.

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