Covid-19: a new health protocol in companies

An open space must be regularly ventilated. Illustrative photo. (FRANCOIS DESTOC / MAXPPP)

This new health protocol applied to companies was sent to employers and unions by the services of Elisabeth Borne. It details the new rules that apply from Wednesday May 19 in companies. The return to the office is not for now. Protocol maintains the rule of telecommuting five days a week for anyone who can, with a one-day-a-week safety valve for anyone for whom isolation is too painful. The novelty concerns ventilation.

The protocol incorporates the recommendations of the High Council for Public Health and recommends ventilating the workspaces as much as possible. When an efficient ventilation system is not available, companies are asked, quite simply, to open doors and windows at the same time when possible. The protocol also recommends measuring carbon dioxide in the air with a CO2 detector.

The document also discusses self-tests and vaccination. For the self-tests, companies will be able to offer them, in turn, to their employees. They must respect the rules of voluntary service and medical confidentiality. Employees must be informed about the self-tests by a healthcare professional. In the event of a positive test, the employee will be isolated at his home.

Regarding vaccination, the protocol sets out the obligation for the employer to authorize its employees to be absent during their working hours to be vaccinated in their occupational health service. The employee must inform the employer of his absence for a medical examination, but he will not have to specify the reason. On the other hand, the text specifies that there is no authorization for the absence of rights for an employee who goes to be vaccinated elsewhere, even if the text encourages employers to facilitate employees’ access to vaccination.

The protocol also looks at employees who return to work after a long period of partial unemployment and who may need to “reappropriate professional gestures not practiced for many months.” The protocol recommends supporting them within the framework of internal social dialogue.

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