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Could Omicron be less dangerous than Delta? America and Singapore have different opinions

Which one is severe, Omicron Or Delta: Omicron, a new variant of corona virus infection, is spreading in different parts of the world. Its cases are increasing. It has spread to more than 40 countries of the world including India and America. It was feared that this could be the most dangerous variant of Corona so far. It was feared to be more dangerous than its delta. But now there are indications that Omicron may be less dangerous than Delta. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to US President Joe Biden, has stressed the need for additional information before drawing conclusions, but has also said that it does not appear to be (Omicron) very seriously.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “As of now it doesn’t seem like it has much seriousness. But, in reality we have to be careful before deciding whether it is less severe or does not cause any serious illness compared to Delta ” He also said that the Biden government is now considering easing travel restrictions, which were implemented for security after the Omicron variant was discovered. Although Fauci did not specify when the ban would be lifted, he expressed hope that the ban would be lifted in a “fairly reasonable” period.

The health ministry of Singapore says something else
Singapore’s Health Ministry has said that preliminary clinical observations globally suggest that the ‘Omicron’ form of COVID-19 may be more contagious than its other forms ‘Delta’ and ‘Beta’ and poses a risk of reinfection. Could be even more. “This means that people who have recovered from Kovid-19 are at higher risk of re-suffering from the Omicron form,” Channel News Asia quoted the ministry as saying in its news on Sunday.

The ministry said that over the past several days, it has seen news from South Africa and other countries and actively engaged with experts in the affected countries to collect information. The channel quoted the ministry as saying, “Studies are going on whether Kovid-19 vaccines are effective against the new form of the virus, but scientists around the world believe that the current anti-Covid-19 vaccines are also on Omicron form.” Will work and save people from getting seriously ill.

Do vaccines need to be updated?
Deborah Fuller, from the University of Washington, said that the question is basically whether a virus has changed so much that the antibodies made by the original vaccine are no longer able to recognize and prevent the newly modified form? Coronaviruses use spike proteins to bind to and infect ACE-2 receptors on the surface of human cells. All mRNA COVID-19 vaccines act as messenger RNAs, instructing cells to make a non-harmful version of the spike protein. This spike protein then prompts the human body to make antibodies.

According to the university, if a person ever comes into contact with the corona virus, these antibodies bind to the spike protein of the corona virus and thus hinder its ability to infect that person’s cells. Its spike protein in the oomicron form has a new pattern of change. These changes may inhibit the ability of some antibodies, but perhaps not all, to bind to the spike proteins of antibodies derived from current vaccines. If this happens, vaccines may be less effective in preventing people from becoming infected with the Omicron variant and spreading it.

How will the new vaccine be different?
According to the university, existing mRNA vaccines, such as those made by Moderna or Pfizer, code for a spike protein from the original form of the coronavirus. In a new or updated vaccine, the mRNA instructions must code for the oomicron spike protein. By swapping the genetic code of the original spike protein with this redesign, a new vaccine will create antibodies that bind to the Omicron virus more effectively and prevent it from infecting cells. People who have already been vaccinated against COVID-9 or who are already infected will only need one additional dose of the new vaccine to protect not only from the new form but also from other forms that still exist. may be present.

If Omicron emerges as a more dangerous variant than Delta, people who have not been vaccinated will only need to receive 2-3 doses of the updated vaccine. If both Delta and Omicron are present, people are likely to get a mix of current and updated vaccines.

How do scientists update a vaccine?
To make an updated mRNA vaccine, you need two ingredients – genome sequencing of a new type of spike protein and a DNA template, which will be used to make the mRNA. In most organisms, DNA provides instructions for making mRNA. Since the researchers have already published the genetic code for the Omicron spike protein, all that remains is to create a DNA template for the spike protein, which will be used to produce the mRNA portion of the new vaccines.

When will the new vaccine be ready?
It takes only three days to prepare the DNA template needed to make a new mRNA vaccine. It will then take about a week to produce a sufficient dose of an mRNA vaccine for testing in the laboratory and six weeks to conduct pre-clinical testing on human cells in a test tube to ensure that a new vaccine is effective. . So within 52 days, scientists could have an updated mRNA vaccine ready for inclusion in the manufacturing process and begin producing doses for human clinical trials.

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