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Coronavirus: worldwide corona infects cross 400 million, killing more than 1 million people

London: The total number of people infected in the world due to the corona virus havoc has exceeded four crore. According to Johns Hopkins University, on Monday morning, the number of infected crossed 40 million.

This university collects data related to the corona virus from all over the world. This number may be higher because a large number of people do not have symptoms of infection with this virus. Apart from this, many governments have not given the actual number.

Corona virus has killed 10 lakh people so far

So far, more than 10.1 lakh people have been confirmed dead due to this deadly virus. However, experts also believe that the actual number is much higher. The United States, Brazil and India have reported the highest number of cases so far. However, in recent weeks, the increase in the number of infected people has been due to Europe.

More than 2 lakh people killed due to virus in Europe

There has been a jump in the number of infected people in Europe. So far, more than 2,40,000 people have been confirmed dead in Europe due to this epidemic. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that there were weekly reports of about seven million cases in Europe and that the region was responsible for about a third of cases globally. About half of the new cases in Europe are from Britain, France, Russia and Spain.

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