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Coronavirus: The government made it necessary to wear masks amid growing infection in Iran, will be fined for violations

After the surge in corona virus cases, Iran has started strict on civilians. The government has announced to impose a fine on those who do not wear masks. Also, the industries and establishments which do not follow the protocol of health have not been left out.

It is necessary to wear a mask in Iran

There are going to be about 5 lakh cases of corona virus infection in Iran. At the same time, the death toll has exceeded 28 thousand. Despite facing US sanctions, the spiritual government has decided to impose fines. The amount of the fine is set aside. Citizens not wearing masks have to pay $ 1.60 as fine. While industries, establishments that do not follow the government’s health guidelines will have to pay $ 32.80.

Deputy Health Minister Eraj Harirchi said, “Non-emergency patients will not be allowed to be admitted to the hospital for some time as there is a shortage of strict beds in hospitals.” On October 3, the government has already closed schools, shops, mosques, colleges, restaurants and other public places in the capital Tehran. President Hassan Rouhani, in his address to the nation on Kovid-19, said, “Police, paramilitary forces and health officials will have the right to impose fines on those who violate the rules.

Penalty set aside

Those caught violating the rules will be allowed two weeks to pay the fine in the Health Ministry account. “Earlier, Iran’s Health Ministry reported that almost the entire country is on ‘red alert’ of Kovid-19. Iran has Iraq The outgoing flight service has been banned. Only those traveling to the neighboring country will be allowed on an annual religious visit.

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