Coronavirus: the distress of hoteliers and restaurateurs

The boss of Palma Hotel, Bertrand Lecourt, has made a choice: to remain open, even if the activity is not there. “I have a maximum of five rooms occupied, and usually it’s a period when midweek, Monday to Friday, out of the 32, I have at least 25”, says the director, who has recorded 225,000 euros in losses since March. After closing this summer, it preferred to stay open. One way for him to pay some of his charges, which amount to 20,000 euros per month. In October, this hotelier benefited from the solidarity fund: 7,800 euros, insufficient according to him. He will demonstrate Monday, December 14 with cafetiers and restaurateurs.

Journalist Claire Koç is live from Les Invalides in Paris, where the event is being held: “The owners of bars, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants arrived by bus in the capital, buses which left all over France for this great static gathering. 5,000 people are expected. Everyone here says they are worried: they hope for a guarantee, that of being able to reopen on January 20 “. The tourism and events sector warns of the urgency of the situation: it employs more than two million people and fears the disappearance of 30% of establishments in France.

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