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Coronavirus: President of Ukraine announced to work on positive, isolation found in investigation

Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zalensky has been found positive in the investigation of the corona virus. While declaring himself, Vladimir Zalensky said that his health is fine. He wrote in a Twitter post, “There is no lucky person who is not at risk of Kovid-19. I will overcome Kovid-19 as others do. Everything is going to be alright.”

Ukraine’s President infected with Corona virus

He gave information about working while in isolation. After information about his infection came to light, Andrey Yarmak, the head of the President’s office, also revealed himself to be Corona positive.

Wife was also corona positive in June

Earlier, Vladimir Zalensky’s wife Olena had also been infected with the Corona virus in June and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. On Monday, the President said that Ukraine can impose a lockdown on weekends to prevent the corona virus infection. However, he dismissed the talk of severe negative impact on the economy due to the ban. Meanwhile, news of his being infected with Corona arrived.

Last week, the Health Minister warned that the country is afraid of facing a ‘disastrous’ situation. “We need to be prepared to face adversity because the second wave of corona virus is not going to pass easily,” he told the Parliament of Ukraine on Tuesday. Ukraine imposed a strict lockdown in March but relaxed in May.

Everyday cases of infection increased towards the end of September and a steady increase in cases was observed throughout October and early November. According to the report, there are more than 4 lakh 69 thousand cases of corona virus infection in Ukraine while more than 8 thousand 5 hundred people have died.

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