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Coronavirus New Variant: Saudi Arabia halts international flights for a week to prevent infection

Coronavirus New Variant: Saudi Arabia has halted all international flights for a week after the ‘new form’ of corona virus appeared in Britain. The Home Ministry source confirmed that the ban came into effect from Sunday. Gulf News quoted the source as saying that Bain Bay would also apply to the entry of passengers from land and sea ports into the country.

Saudi government banned international flights

According to the report, the procedures will be reviewed in view of the developments related to the epidemic and maybe the ban was to be extended for the second week. Currently, aircraft which are in Saudi region will be exempted and allowed to fly out of the country. However, the movement of goods, goods and supply chains has been kept out of the ban in countries where the altered appearance of corona virus has not been revealed.

Decision on new form of corona virus in Britain

The Saudi press agency reported that travelers arriving in Saudi from Europe or countries with the new form of the Corona virus would have to remain in self-isolation for two weeks and undergo testing. Significantly, Saudi Arabia has taken the decision at a time when many European countries like Italy, Belgium, France and Netherlands have banned planes flying to and from the UK. On 19 December, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the new strain of corona virus could be more contagious by 70 percent. Health Minister Matt Hancock even described the new variants as ‘uncontrollable’.

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