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Coronavirus New Strain: Pfizer vaccine may fight new variants of Corona, results indicated

Coronavirus new strain: Pfizer’s Kovid-19 vaccine is also effective against new varieties of corona virus exposed in Britain and South Africa, as in earlier varieties. On Thursday, the company released the results of a joint trial with the University of Texas Medical Branch. The company tested the vaccine’s resistance against a new variety of corona virus formulated in the lab.

Big disclosure citing Pfizer’s Kovid-19 vaccine test

The results showed that there was no decline in the vaccine’s ability to negate the virus with the new varieties. Both these new varieties seem more contagious than the former, as a result of which the number of new cases in South Africa and Britain has increased rapidly in recent times. On Wednesday, 62 thousand 322 cases of Kovid-19 in Britain and 21 thousand cases in South Africa were inflicted. However, there is no such evidence yet to prove that the severity of the disease increases in the result of the new variety. But due to their being more contagious, the concern has definitely increased.

New and old varieties of corona virus were also found effective

Scientists have also expressed concern that a mutation identified in South Africa may become more resistant against a mutation vaccine. Professor Liao Poon Lit Man, associated with Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health, said the Texas University trial is early and includes a small number of volunteers, but the results are encouraging for Pfizer’s team. He said, “The sample size is small but the reality is. Pfizer’s vaccine is being used in many places in the world, which means that” people are getting protection to some reasonable level. “

Researchers at the University of Texas say a new variety of lab-produced viruses were used for testing that could not completely mimic mutations found in the new variety, leading to limited results. On January 7, the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Program Director Mike Ryan said that work is on to find out how effective the vaccine is against the new variety, but so far the evidence is convincing. He told that as far as data is concerned, this vaccine is effective and there is nothing to worry about at the moment.

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