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Coronavirus: More than 3 million deaths due to corona worldwide, conditions are worsening in many countries

On Saturday, the death toll due to Corona virus exceeded 3 million. In countries like India, Brazil and France, the corona virus crisis is increasing and vaccination is facing obstacles all over the world.

According to figures from John Hopkins University, this number of people who died from Corona is equal to the population of Kiev (Ukraine), Caracas (Venezuela) or Metropolitan City Lisbon & nbsp; (Portugal). This number is more than Chicago (2.7 million) and equal to the total population of Philadelphia and Dallas. The number of deaths from the virus may also be high because there is also a possibility that governments may have hidden the data or that many cases have been hidden in the early phase of the virus in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

Different countries are adopting different strategies to deal with the virus
The speed of infection of the virus around the world and ways to control it are different in all the countries. The US and UK stepped up the vaccination campaign to save lives of the people, while France and India lag behind in vaccination and are under lockdown and various restrictions.

An average of 12,000 deaths per day worldwide
The virus is causing an average of 12,000 deaths per day worldwide and more than 7,00,000 new cases are being reported. There have been more than 5,60,000 deaths in the US alone. 1 out of 6 deaths due to Kovid-19 in the world occurred in America. After America, Brazil, Mexico, India and Britain have the highest number of deaths.

The US this month put a temporary moratorium on Johnson & Johnson’s use of the Kovid-19 vaccine and & nbsp; it is being investigated for blood clots. Some European countries have banned this. The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine was banned in some countries after reports of blood clots. & Nbsp;
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