Coronavirus: insurers take action for disaster-stricken sectors

Insurers gave in on Monday, December 7, under pressure from the state and restaurant owners. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that insurance rates will be frozen in 2021 for the catering, hotel, tourism, sport, culture and events sectors. Bercy also assured that insurance companiess have pledged to provide coverage for employers and employees personally affected by Covid-19.

For Olivier Lévy, founder of SnapEvent, this decision ultimately changes very little. He would have liked to see lower contributions: “Our main problem is not the amount of the contribution itself, but to pay the contribution, because this puts our cash flow under strain when it is not at all the time.t. For now, it’s impossible to say if other customers will have to pay a higher bill. When contacted, the insurers did not wish to respond to France 2.

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