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Coronavirus in China: Lockdown imposed after 3 cases of corona infection in Henan province of China

Coronavirus in China: The infection of the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, seems to be spreading rapidly around the world. Meanwhile, a big news is coming out about the corona virus infection. While it was being said that China has completely curbed the corona infection, the entire city has been locked down after only 3 corona infected came to the fore in a city in central China.

Actually, a lockdown has been declared here after three corona-infected cases were reported in Yuzhou of Henan province of central China. It is being told that the municipality of Yuzhou in Henan province imposed a lockdown in the city with a population of 1.2 million after two corona-infected cases surfaced on Sunday. Where another case of corona infection was reported on Monday.

After the lockdown was imposed, all public facilities, including schools, public transport and shopping malls, have been completely suspended, except for essential services like supermarkets. Those who work in essential industries, which include supermarkets, medicine production and energy plants, are allowed to go to work after presenting a negative corona report.

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According to the National Health Commission (NHC), 108 new corona infected cases were registered in three provinces of China on Monday, including 95 in northwestern Shaanxi province, eight in southeastern Zhejiang and five in Henan. Let us tell you that 13 million residents of Xi’an province of China have been imprisoned in their homes since 23 December. Many people have run out of essential supplies including groceries. There is also a lack of medical facilities.

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