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Coronavirus: If cases of infection continue to increase, there will be compulsion to put a complete lockdown- Imran Khan

Coronavirus: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed concern over the second of the Corona transition. He said that if cases of infection continue to increase, then it will have to go towards complete lockdown under compulsion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan indicated full lockdown

On the social media platform Twitter, he wrote, “The figures of the second wave of corona in Pakistan are worrisome. The number of patients on ventilators has increased in the last 15 days. 200 percent in Peshawar, 148 percent in Karachi, 114 percent in Lahore, Islamabad. 65 percent of K and 70 percent of Multan ventilators are in use. “

He said that at present the whole world is in the grip of second wave of corona virus infection and most countries have imposed complete lockdown. The Prime Minister accused the PDM of deliberately endangering the lives of people through continuous processions in Pakistan. Imran Khan said that if the percentage of infection cases keeps increasing, Pakistan will be forced to go towards full lockdown and the PDM will be responsible for the result. However, Imran Khan also says that his intention is never to have a complete lockdown as it is bound to have a bad impact on the economy.

Micro, smart lockdown announced in many areas of Karachi

Significantly, micro and smart lockdowns have been announced in many areas of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, to control the increasing cases of corona infection. The government has also issued lockdown notifications. According to the notification, micro lockdown in four places and smart lockdown in two areas will start from 12 pm on Saturday night till December 5.

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